Immunity Noise Source
The RFIS21 immunity noise source is specifically designed to work with the ETSi4334 when tracing immunity failures in a PCB. By injecting a signal with the RFIS21 and producing a XY-Plot at the susceptible frequency a map of the absorptions at that frequency is produced. See Application Story No. 2 and Step by Step Guide 2 for more information on solving immunity problems
RFSI21 Immunity Noise Source
performance graph 20 to 300 MHz
Performance Graph 20MHz to 300MHz (1 MHz Harmonics)
Performance Graph 300 MHz to 1GHz
Performance Graph 300MHz to 1GHz (5 MHz Harmonics)
System Specification
Power Supply Voltage
Battery Charger
12V DC via internal rechargeable battery
90 - 250 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz 8VA
Operating Frequency Range 2 MHz 1.0 GHz (Selectable as 1 MHz / 5MHz Harmonics)
Dimensions RFIS21
Length 160 mm, Width 125mm, Height 100mm
Length 110 mm, Width 80mm, Height 30mm
Weight RFIS21
1.20 kg
0.45 kg
Environmental Operating Temperature
+ 10ºC to + 35 ºC
20% - 70% RH non condensing
Order Information
Immunity Noise Source (2MHz - 1GHz)
(Without Power supply and Antenna)
Immunity Noise Source Module (1MHz - 1GHz)
(With Power supply and Antenna as photograph above)
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